The History of Candy Co, Ireland’s American Candy Company

Candy Co - American Candy Company

Originally founded in 1997, Chapter & Verse convenience store stands proudly on Leeson Street in Dublin. Now, a second-generation store, we’ve always been known as a destination for people in Dublin looking to buy hard to find American & imported sweets. It was from this knowledge and out of sheer necessity that Candy Co, our online store was born. 

Candy Co Ireland is an American candy company that was first established during the pandemic. Our store in Dublin was badly impacted during lockdown with all of the schools and offices in our area being shut because of it. 

This led to the creation of Candy Co where we began delivering our best selling range of American sweets directly to our customers. The Candy Co website was then launched in July 2021 and we also began wholesaling to other stores across Leinster.

Our Best Selling American Sweets

Now that you know a bit about our history, it’s time to get to know what we’re all about; American candy. We sell everything from sour patch kids to Cheetos flamin’ hot and all in between. We also love to curate mystery hampers with our most popular imported candies.  

American Chocolate at Candy Co

We really don’t mess around when it comes to chocolate. If you want the best of the best American candy bars, you’re in the right place. We are passionate about brands that have stood the test of time and make it our mission to get rare finds like Hershey’s, Pretzel M&Ms, Milk Duds, and all your favourites straight to your door with the click of a mouse. 

American Crisps at Candy Co

Who can say no to Oreo Popcorn, Hershey’s Popped Snack Mix, or Takis? Even if you try them on holidays in the USA it’s unfair to only dream of them once you return home. American crisps are our business so if you need a salty, spicy, or sweet American fix you know where we are.

American Candies

Possibly the most sacred at Candy Co is our American Candies. We love importing all of the best candies for our customers to try. After all, in a world where we can get anything, shouldn’t American candy be an easy find? 

With every flavour of Airheads you can imagine plus a wide range of treats like Jolly Ranchers, HoHos, and Hot Tamales you won’t be disappointed. You can also take a peek at our jellies section and get all your favourites in 1KG servings!

American Drinks 

Who likes soda? We all like soda! Whatever the brand, no matter the flavour you can bet the American sweet loving nation has invented it. Even if you’ve never tried a Bang Energy Piña Colada or a Calypso Ocean Blue you won’t be sorry when you do.

We hope you can see that this family business is passionate about its candies. We love providing your taste buds with new and exciting flavours. Looking for something in particular? Just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.



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